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PRE-BUY 2 Sasquatch MegaTree Easy Kit no hoop

***PRE-BUY anticipated late spring to mid-summer delivery!***

This is the Sasquatch MegaTree Easy Kit. Click on the pulldown slides to select your build options. This kit does not include the base hoop. See below for links.

The Mattos Designs Sasquatch MegaTree Easy Kit allows you to quickly and easily get your MegaTree up and running.  Simply choose which base and topper is right for your build!

Included with your kit are the MegaTree Base, MegaTree Topper, Star Mount 20", Pulley Cap, and Mattos Designs Hand Winch.

Disclaimer: Due to inconsistency in tube O.D. (Outer Diameter) or rust or paint on tube, we suggest that you take your topper with you when going to get your main pole.

How do I choose what topper I need for my MegaTree?

The Sasquatch Sliding Topper comes in 3 sizes:  32, 48, and 64.  This number indicates how many strings of lights make up your MegaTree.  The higher the number of strings and number of pixels per string on your MegaTree, the better the resolution for effects and images. 

How do I choose a Sasquatch MegaTree base?

There are 3 options for the Sasquatch Base:  Buried, Portable Hole, and Stand Alone.  The Buried base is designed to be permanently installed in a hole, encased in concrete.  For more information, click (HERE).

The Portable Hole base is designed for use with a Portable Hole .  For more information and links to how to make your own Portable Hole, click (Portable Hole), (Rugged Pole Base

The Stand Alone base is a freestanding base for use on flat surfaces.  For more information on this base, click (HERE)

Additional Items to consider

Sasquatch MegaTree Hoop 1" Square Tube 

Sasquatch MegaTree Hoop 1" Round Tube (LINK)

Hoop Lift Kit 

Hoop Mounted Support or Anchor Brackets


Square Eyelets 

*U.S. Patents Pending*