Mattos Designs LLC

Enclosure Weather Resistant Multilink RNI-1500

$38 $999.99

RNI-1500 020-028-20 11.88"W x 12.27"H x 4.86"D,

  • *NOTE* These are NOT CableGuard CG-1500 Enclosures
  • The mounting holes for the backer board are not the same. (see Below) They are similar in size, but with a slightly shallower depth.
  • These enclosures offer the same ability for mounting your Holiday Lighting components for almost any application you may have.
  • Ideal for Mean Well LRS-350-12v power supplies with almost any combination of controller, smart receiver, or power distro boards,
  • In stock, but supplies are limited!
  • Backer boards from the CG-1500 does fit, but you will have to re-drill the mounting holes because they are in different locations.