50" Rosemary 2021 Version Animated Prop



The dark Eyes and scarred face of the 50-inch Rosemary (2021 Version) Animated Prop is almost hidden by her long hair. Theunearthly demonic child giggles innocently as she gnaws on a brain, showing her Moving Jaw and sharp teeth. An eerie music plays in the background while she munches noisily. Her hands appear to be dripping with blood from her gruesome meal. Then her Eyes start to Glow Red as she Moves her Head Side to Side! Then she suddenly Lunges at you with a Shrill Scream! She laughs at your fear, and returns to her original position giggling all the while. The eyes use LED bulbs, which are energy efficient.Requires 4 AA Batteries, not included. Can also be operated with an adapter, sold separately.43 inches x 30 inches x 50 inches tall
Important! Price includes carrier’s oversize shipping charges.