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Sasquatch 96 Hole BAT Sasquatch

THIS. IS. IT. In the world of "Go Big or Go Home", this is the Texas-sized MegaTree Topper. This is our largest topper, the "BAT" (Big @ss Topper), for short.

Rumor has it that these can be used as serving platters in the off-season. Measuring 23" in diameter, this behemoth is available as a Sasquatch MegaTree Sliding Topper.

  • 23" diameter to allow for all the holes at the proper spacing.
  • Can be used as a 180° or 360° MegaTree, or anywhere in between.
  • 180° (48 holes)
  • 360° (96 holes)
Combine with the new carabiners for a quick and easy way to secure your mounting strips to the Topper.

Designed to work perfectly with our PRE-PUSHED MegaTree Strips

Note: Image does not necessarily represent the topper you will receive.