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Pre-Order 2023.P1 Pigtail Adaptors

Pre-Order 2023.P1 Pigtail Adaptors

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Pre-Order 2023.P1

Delivers 8 weeks after getting tracking

Pigtail Adaptors allows you to go from x-connect to any other pigtail style or from any other pigtail style to x-connect. 

**Before ordering please note the input and output ends of which pigtails you are connecting to.**


1. If your controller or pixels pigtail has xConnect "out" (female with the thread cap), and you are connecting to Ray Wu "in" (male with the thread cap) then you'll need a male (with threads) xConnect to Ray Wu female. This wire has an xConnect male end and a Ray Wu female end.

2. If your controller or pixels have Ray Wu "out" (Female with threads), and you are connecting to xConnect "in" (male with threads) then you will need Ray Wu "in" (male with the thread cap) and xConnect "out" (female with the thread cap).

  • 10 inch long from connector to connector
  • Black 3 core 18ga wire 
If you are unsure on which ones you'll need, please feel free to contact for assistance.
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