The Sasquatch™ MegaTree™ Kit Builder


Looking to take your show to the next level?  

This is the complete Sasquatch MegaTree™ Builder kit. Click on the desired options to configure your MegaTree™ build

This kit is designed to get you on your way to building the Ultimate Sasquatch MegaTree™. Options include the Sasquatch Base Type, Sliding Topper Size, Pulley Cap, Hand Winch*, Carabiners, MegaTree™ Star Mount 20", all nuts and bolts for the build and more!

Note: Kit does not include the Main Pole. We suggest you source that locally from a steel and pipe supply warehouse, or use Mattos Designs NEW Sasquatch Modular Pole. The Sasquatch Modular MegaTree™ Pole is a bolt together main pole system for use with our Sasquatch MegaTree™ product line.  Each section of the modular pole measures 5.5 feet tall and connects together using an inner sleeve with 12 recessed bolts to allow the Sasquatch Sliding Topper to slide freely up and down the pole.

Disclaimer: Due to inconsistency in tube O.D. (Outer Diameter) or rust or paint on tube, we suggest that you take your topper with you if sourcing your main pole locally.  The Sasquatch kit is designed for use with a 2"x2"x .120" wall square tubular pole.  

How do I choose what topper I need for my MegaTree™?

The Sasquatch Sliding Topper comes in 3 sizes: 32, 48, and 64. This number indicates how many strings of lights make up your MegaTree™. The higher the number of strings and number of pixels per string on your MegaTree™, the better the resolution for effects and images.  All 32, 48 and 64 Hole Toppers can be used for a 180° or 360° MegaTree™, or anywhere in between.

How tall will my MegaTree™ be?

A 50-pixel MegaTree™ at 2" spacing is normally from 8.5' to 10' high, depending on the size of your base hoop and/or lift kit.

A 100-pixel MegaTree™ at 2" spacing is normally from 17' to 20' high, depending on the size of your base hoop and/or lift kit.

How do I choose a Sasquatch MegaTree™ base?

There are 3 options for the Sasquatch Base: Buried, Portable Hole, and Stand Alone. The Buried base is designed to be permanently installed in a hole, encased in concrete. For more information, click HERE. The Portable Hole base is designed for use with a Portable Hole. For more information and links to how to make your own Portable Hole, click HERE. The Stand-Alone base is a freestanding base for use on flat surfaces. For more information on this base, click HERE.

Combine with the new Sasquatch Carabiners for a quick and easy way to secure your mounting strips to the Topper.  

Designed to work perfectly with our PRE-PUSHED MegaTree Strips

    U.S. Patent Pending #63351361

    *Winch may be different than photos