ChromaGlow Targets Pumpkin 10 pack


ChromaGlow Targets Pumpkin 10 pack

Interactive glow targets for gel guns. These can get set to light up different colors when they are hit with gel bullets. Great for any party, holiday or event to keep interactive entertainment going.

The targets have a 10' cord on them. Those plug into a main cord that is 30' long with a plug every 3' for a target. Additional extensions are available if needed 5' extension @ $3 or 10' extension @ $5.

  • 15” wide x 14” tall and 3” thick
  • 10 Targets
  • Bungee strap
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • Remote Control
  • Plug in ready to go
  • Weather resistant UV stabilized plastics
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication
  • Shipping billed separately once it is ready to ship

Important Instructions:

You can connect up to 40 targets on a single 200 watt power supply. The targets are designed to be hung vertically so any moisture that does collect in the target can drain out the bottom. The targets are made rainproof meaning when hung, they keep everything dry inside. DO NOT LAY THEM FLAT ON THE GROUND OUTSIDE.

The backs of the targets have two #8 carriage bolts that ship with an adjustable bungie cord that allows you to mount the target to just about anything from trees to fences or post. You can remove the bungie and attach other objects like flat bar or angle if that is a mounting solution you want. We wanted to make sure you had various mounting options to fill your needs.

The targets run off of 12v DC power. The standard set includes an AC to DC power supply that is waterproof and designed for indoor or outdoor use. If you have a remote location that does not have 110v AC power, the targets can be powered by a 12v car battery or marine battery. We have tested running one target on 3 AA batteries and it lasted for 5 days of continuous use. If you would like to run off of a car battery, we can send you a whip that will allow you to do so.

Each target includes a 10’ long cord to plug into the main power distribution cord. This is typically enough to spread a pack of 10 targets out as far as 45-50’ wide at heights from ground level to about 13’ high. However, if you need more, we have 5’, 10’, and 20’ extensions available.