Sasquatch™ MegaTree™ Hoop 1" Round Tube



The Mattos Designs Sasquatch MegaTree Hoop takes the trouble and guesswork out of securing the bottom of your MegaTree strips.  This is the ultimate solution for making your MegaTree perfect the first time, every time.   The MegaTree hoop comes in multiple sections for easy storage in the off-season, while bolting together easily for use.  Made from 1" Round steel tubing, these hoop kits are designed to be mounted at ground level.  The tubing has been treated with Black Powder Coat to prevent rust and corrosion.

Simply secure your MegaTree strips using zip ties or bungie balls.  You can easily slide the strips closer together or further apart to get that perfect spacing.

Do you have props that sit in front of your MegaTree?  Does snow build up at the base of your MegaTree?  Purchase two MegaTree Hoops (for 360 Tree) or split your full hoop into 2 half hoops, and use the Hoop Lift Kit, and you can elevate your MegaTree off the ground and to the next level!

  • 4' Hoop comes in four pieces that bolt together.
  • 6' Hoop comes in four pieces that bolt together.
  • 8' Hoop comes in six pieces that bolt together.
  • 10' Hoop comes in eight pieces that bolt together.
  • 12' Hoop Comes in ten pieces that bolt together, PRE-SALE OFFER ONLY
  • 15' Hoop Comes in twelve pieces that bolt together, PRE-SALE OFFER ONLY
  • Black Powder Coat Finish

    You may want to consider the Hoop Mounted Support and/or Anchor brackets to secure your hoop to the main pole and or to the ground.

    *U.S. Patent Pending #63351361*