Sasquatch™ Modular MegaTree™ Pole Add On



Will ship late-August

The Sasquatch is a legendary creature famed for his ominous size coupled with an uncanny ability to stay out of sight when necessary.  Much like this majestic beast, the Sasquatch Modular MegaTree™ Pole from Mattos Designs makes a BIG impression on your holiday light show, while packing away small to hide away during the off-season.

The Sasquatch Modular MegaTree™ Pole is a bolt together main pole system for use with our Sasquatch MegaTree™ product line.  Each of the modular pole add on measures 32" tall and 16" tall and connects together using an inner sleeve with 12 recessed bolts from your Modular Poles to allow the Sasquatch Sliding Topper to slide freely up and down the pole.  The pole retains the classic Sasquatch pole dimensions of 2"x2", with a wall thickness of .188", an over 50% increase over the "Rugged" pole for added strength and stability.   The pole is designed to slide directly into our existing Sasquatch MegaTree™ Bases (Stand-Alone, Buried, or Portable Hole), and the Hand Winch and Topper Stopper mount directly to the connection area between pole sections without the need to drill any additional holes.  

The days of looking for a steel warehouse, paying huge delivery fees and storing a 20-foot pole are over!  With its modular design, you can connect up to 5 Modular Pole segments together to create a truly imposing MegaTree™, and because it's modular, you can add or remove segments for different holidays or different looks.  Each Modular Pole added on segment comes in a black powder coat finish to protect from the elements to last a lifetime.  

The Sasquatch Modular MegaTree Pole 32" Add On is designed for when you need additional height but don't need the full 5'6" of a regular Modular Pole segment.  This is a half size modular pole to help you reach your desired height without having too much pole above your Sliding Topper.  

  • Connect 2 Modular Pole Segments + add on for a 13.6' Tall MegaTree
  • Connect 3 Modular Pole Segments + add on for a 19.16' Tall MegaTree
  • Connect 4 Modular Pole Segments + add on for a 24.6' Tall  MegaTree
  • Connect 5 Modular Pole Segments + add on for a 30.1' Tall MegaTree

* Minus hole depth when used with a Buried Base *

Be sure to check out the full line of Sasquatch MegaTree products, including Toppers, Hoops, Pulleys and much more.  The Sasquatch MegaTree system is the strongest and most reliable way to build your MegaTree, and is made to last by Mattos Designs.

*U.S. Patent Pending #63351361*