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CORO Singing Trees w/ 12v Resistor xConnect pixels

Mattos Designs Singing Trees brings a unique and whimsical style to the
Coro prop market. 4 unique designs let you choose which personalities you
want to include, or get them all for sequences with multiple speaking,
singing or banter sections. Each tree features an outline, multiple mouths
and eye positions, and a unique swagged garland for your pixels.
  • Made from 10mm Fire Resistant Coro
  • Includes 12V Resistor WS2811 bullet pixels with xConnect pigtails
  • Tree 1 (I want to be cool tree) 313 pixels
  • Tree 2 (Fancy girl tree) 342 pixels
  • Tree 3 (Happy excited tree) 326 pixels
  • Tree 4 (Brian tree) 313 pixels
  • Pixels will not be pre-pushed