Mega Offer Snowflake 24″ Set

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Mattos Designs Ready2Run 24" Snowflakes are the perfect accessory for adding a little winter holiday cheer to any light show. The 24" Snowflakes are moderate sized for mounting anywhere to fill in gaps or add extra visual pop to an area of focus. This set includes 4 unique designs, including a 3 Pronged snowflake, a Star shaped snowflake with Diamond cuts, a Star shaped snowflake with Arrow cuts, and a snowflake made of 7 Hexagons.

The Ready2Run 24" Snowflakes are made from 10mm Heavy Duty Coroplast with Mattos Designs 12V Resistor Bullet Pixels pre-installed. Each snowflake features 48 Pixels with xConnect ends.

  • Each Snowflake measures approximately 24" in diameter
  • Made from White 10mm Heavy Duty Coroplast
  • Includes 48 Pre-Installed Pixels in each snowflake
  • Fully Assembled

About Ready2Run:
Mattos Designs' Ready2Run line of props uses our 12V WS2811 Resistor Bullet Pixels with xConnect ends, combined with plain or printed Coroplast from top of the line prop designers, to create an easy way to add some razzle dazzle to your holiday light show. All props come fully assembled with 12V pixels pre-installed, and our models can be imported directly in the popular xLights sequencing software.