12V Pixels Regulated



High-Quality 12V Regulated Pixels with Fire-Resistant Epoxy Coating

Free Shipping to the US. 

Upgrade your light show with our industry-leading 12V Regulated Pixels. Made by top manufacturers to our exacting standards, our pixels come with a white PCB board and are separated using PCB routers for a clean cut that eliminates the risk of weakened solder joints or broken capacitors. Our trained inspectors regularly perform spot checks to ensure all components are up to our specifications, including the use of Fire-Resistant Epoxy coating. Each pixel comes with an xConnect Pigtail for easy installation, and meets CE, RoHS, and FCC certification standards. With a 2-year warranty from the time of purchase, these high-quality pixels are an investment you can trust. Free shipping to the US is included with purchase.

  • Regulated Blue PCB Board
  • 12mm Bullet Pixels
  • 12V DC Voltage
  • Genuine WS2811 Chip
  • WS2811 Protocol
  • Epistar chip brand Leds
  • 4 inch spacing
  • 100 Count, 50 Count, or 25 Count.
  • Fire Resistant Solid Epoxy
  • IP68 Rated
  • Available in xConnect and
  • Black Wire
  • CE, RoHs and FCC Certified
  • 0.323 Sq mm 1.34 strands Cooper wire

Wiring Diagram: Negative is marked with a white dashed line. Center wire is Data. Remaining wire is Positive.