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The industry’s first water-resistant, projection mapping system that utilizes 3LCD technology with simplified integrated design software. 

Completely Remote

  •   The projector is controlled completely remotely. You can configure and operate your projector from anywhere in the world.
Luxedo Software
  • Your projector includes permanent, free access to a custom creative suite which allows you to light up and animate surfaces without complex graphics design software.
  • We make animation easy! Our intuitive tools provide quick, clean ways to animate your projects.
  • Choose from a variety of preloaded fonts to create compelling messages, interactive advertisements or engaging signage.
  • Import your own digital art from any source.
  • Upload and stream your own audio and video files to play on a sequenced loop continuously or set up on a queue.
Decorative Displays
  • Create elaborate decorations for any holiday, celebration or event with customized graphics, skins, text, images and more.
  • Queue up days, weeks, or even months of content with our schedul


  • Resolution 1280x700 px
  • Throw Ratio 0.6 (very wide)
  • Projection Distance 5 - 50 ft
  • Brightness 3800 lumen
  • Communication Projector is equipped with a high-powered Wi-Fi chipset and range extender
  • Audio Projector can connect to speakers via Bluetooth
  • Waterproofing Hermetically sealed housing ensures resistance to almost any outdoor weather conditions
  • Anti-Theft Software Devices are only powered on through your Luxedo software, which is only accessible with your username and password
  • Security Eyelet Luxedo hardware comes equipped with a security eyelet, offering the ability to secure your projector via stake or cabled lock