Mattos Designs

Sasquatch Medium MegaTree Kit


The Sasquatch Medium Tree Kit gives you the tools to create and customize your Medium-size MegaTree. This kit combines a custom 32 hole Topper made of 3/16" thick 6061 T6 Aluminum with a 4' Mattos Designs Hoop Base. This Medium Topper was designed to fit fence top rail cut to whatever height you want to make your tree. With it's 4' Base, we recommend a center pole height from 5' (for a smaller, more conical tree) to 10' (for a more sleek, tall tree). Then simply cut your MegaTree mounting strips to length, push your pixels, and enjoy your new Medium MegaTree!

Kit includes:

  • 32 Hole Topper
  • 4' Tree hoop
  • Made to fit fence top rail pole
  • Star mount hole
  • Hole for pigtail pass-through

Additional Items to consider:

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*U.S. Patent Pending*