Full Animation Kit 2.0


Animation Kit

Will ship mid-August

Pictures and features will be updated soon

Mattos Designs has everything you need to get started in the fun world of motorized props! Whether you want to make a waving snowman, a haunted rocking chair, or synchronize your reindeers head movement, this is the kit for you. With our Full Animation Kits, the only limit is your imagination.

Kit Includes:

  • Mattos Designs 12V Prop Motor with Cam 2.0
  • Easy Install Motor Bracket
  • 4, 8" or both Prop Motor Cam Extensions
  • xConnect Pigtails 

Click HERE to see in use with EFL's 7' Snowman.

EFL Snowman Motor Installation Video

This Animation Kit works best when coupled with the Pixel 2 Motor Controller or the Pixel2DCR3 Controller.

*U.S. Patent Pending*