Mattos Designs LLC

PRE-BUY 2 Pre-Pushed MegaTree Strip

****PRE-BUY 2 anticipated mid to late summer delivery!****

This Ultimate Time-Saver! Want to save the wear and tear on your thumbs, or simply don't have the time to push 1000s of pixels? Let Mattos Designs do it for you. This is the perfect shortcut to getting your MegaTree up with minimal hassle.

Mattos Designs uses our 12V WS2811 Resistor Bullet Pixels, combined with the top of the line Pixel Mounting Strips from Boscoyo, to create the best Pre-Pushed MegaTree strips on the market. Our Pre-Pushed MegaTree strips come in 50 or 100 pixel counts, and can be ordered with 1" or 2" spacing. Special orders are also available for custom spacing and/or pixel count by emailing Each strip comes with our Mattos Designs Square Eyelets installed on both ends, and include 1 Mattos Design Carabiner.