RGB Trim™ H.D Blow-Out

$45.00 $379.99



Will need 20mm lights link below! 

Mattos Designs RGB Trim HD is a revolutionary LED accent and down lighting system designed to illuminate your home at night and blends into the home to be inconspicuous during the day. Mattos Designs RGB Trim (Patent Pending) utilizes a 2-piece trim design to easily install onto your home for both permanent and temporary installations. RGB Trim is designed to be installed under your eaves and behind your trim in a track color that matches your home available in White. The track encases all wires to prevent unsightly visible exterior wires, blending neatly into the


  • RGB Lights https://bit.ly/20mmTrimLights
  • Fits 18 RGB nodes per 3 Feet, 2 inch spacing 
  • Made of Durable Aluminum
  • Easy Installation
  • Available in White
  • The track measures 1.25"wide x 11/16" high x 3 Feet long