Mattos Designs

PRE-BUY 2 Sasquatch MegaTree Base Buried


****PRE-BUY 2 anticipated mid to late summer delivery!****

This PRE-BUY Sasquatch MegaTree Base is designed to be buried directly into the ground.  Simply dig a hole of the desired dimensions (we recommend a 3' deep x 2' wide hole), insert base, and fill with premixed concrete and allow to dry.  A 1/2" stick of rebar is welded to the base to provide additional stability and security in the concrete.  This base is designed as a 2.5"x2.5" square tube receiver with a locking bolt to securely hold the main pole.  The Portable Hole base also features 2 mounting tabs for your MegaTree hoop supports. 

 Ideal for use with our Mattos Design's Pulley Cap and Sasquatch MegaTree Sliding Topper

  • Sasquatch MegaTree Buried Base is 18" Tall
  • Will fit 2"x2" Square tube or 2" OD round pipe
  • Features Bolt to lock in main pole
  • Includes 2 Tabs for Hoop Supports
  • Can add 2"x2" Square tube to the bottom for a deeper buried base
  • Black Powder Coat Finish

Disclaimer: Mattos Designs recommends that all MegaTrees should have proper guy wires installed for safety and additional stability. 

*U.S. Patent Pending*