Mattos Designs

Rugged Pole Pro Kit 64 W/Hoop

$650 $700

Please allow two weeks for fabrication


  •  6 foot MegaTree Hoop
  •  Rugged pole Pulley topper 
  •  Rugged pole base 
  •  Rugged pole topper 
  •   Portable hole Wheel set
  •  T handle with controller mount 
  •  Star mounting bracket 

 Not included:

  • 2" x 2" square tube pole
  • Cable Crank
  • J Hooks or Zip Ties


Due to inconsistency in tube  O.D. or rust on tube, please verify that: 

  •  The topper slides freely on the tube before you erect you’re a rugged pole.
  •  We would suggest you taking your topper   when you go to get your tube. 

All items are mild steel we recommend spray painting or adding the powder coat options.