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PRE-BUY 2 Mattos Designs Christmas In A Box Jump-Start Kit!

****PRE-BUY 2 anticipated mid to late summer delivery!****

STOP. Grab your sunglasses immediately, because this deal may just melt your face off. This is the granddaddy of them all, the Christmas in Box Jump-Start Kit. It's got everything you need to start a show Griswold style! 20' MegaTree with Pre-Pushed Pixels? ✅ 5,000 Additional Bullet Pixels? ✅ 8'X5'4" Matrix? ✅ Singing Trees? ✅ Diamond 3D Pixel Ball Strings? ✅ Extension Cables? ✅ Just add your favorite controller and MegaTree pole, and you are ready for greatness!


16x100 Pre-Pushed 12v Resister Bullet Pixels at 2" spacing with Carabiners and Square Eyelets installed
Sasquatch MegaTree Sliding 32 Hole Topper
Sasquatch Pulley Cap
Sasquatch 1200Lb. Hand Winch
Sasquatch Stand Alone Base
Sasquatch MegaTree Star Mount 20"
6' Hoop - 1" Round Tubing
Hoop Mounted Anchor Brackets (1 set)
All Hardware Included!
Note: Kit does not include the main pole. We suggest you source that locally from a steel and pipe supply warehouse. This kit is designed for use with a 2"x2"x .120" wall square tubular pole.

5,000 12v WS2811 Resistor Bullet Pixels

6 Mattos Designs Garage Matrix Panels (8'x5'4" Total)

6 12v Diamond 3D Pixel Ball Strings, 50 Pixel Count, 3 1/4" Spacing

2 Singing Trees With Pixels (Choose 2)
Tree 1 (I Wanna Be Cool Tree)
Tree 2 (Fancy Girl Tree)
Tree 3 (Happy Excited Tree)
Tree 4 (Brian Tree)
Note: Leave a comment with your order to select your trees

40 EZ Label Extension Cables (10 Each) 5', 10', 15', and 25' with 3 Core Round Wire

This kit is available with your choice of xConnect or Ray Wu ends/pigtails.

*U.S. Patents Pending*