EVO Traditional C9 – Customizable 24V WS2811 Holiday Lights, High Brightness, Interchangeable Lenses, 1000ft Spool




Mattos Designs EVO Traditional C9

The EVOlution continues with Mattos Designs' EVO Traditional C9 holiday lights! We've transformed the classic C9 light into something extraordinary, combining the nostalgia of traditional holiday decor with cutting-edge technology.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable Lenses: Each C9 bulb features a replaceable lens, allowing you to customize your display with different globe styles. The bulbs are individually replaceable at the cables for easy maintenance and customization.
  • Enhanced Brightness: Utilizing the same proven 24V WS2811 internals as our standard pixels, each bulb contains a second set of LEDs for greater brightness compared to single-pixel offerings. Each bulb functions as a single pixel in the data chain.
  • Efficient Design: The constant current design draws only 10mA per light, enabling a single controller output to power a larger number of lights.
  • Customizable Installations: Packaged in a 1000-foot spool with 1000 EVO C9s spaced 12" apart, each light is connected by a short xConnect cable. This design allows for 100% custom installations without wire splices. Simply disconnect extra pixels, cap off the end, and you’re done. Use standard xConnect connectors to easily achieve longer spacings between pixels.
  • RGB Controller Compatibility: Any RGB-capable controller can drive the EVO C9s, eliminating the need for multiple colored bulbs and enabling quick color and pattern changes through the controller.
  • Easy Attachment: Featuring an integrated hoop for fastening, the EVO C9 can be easily attached and oriented as desired. Compatible with Tough Clips and currently being tested with Caney Clips.
  • Versatile Brightness Control: Adjust brightness globally or individually based on time or specific needs, perfect for addressing issues like unwanted light shining into a bedroom.


  • Voltage: 24V WS2811 internals
  • Power Consumption: 10mA per light
  • Spacing: 12" on centers, packaged in a 1000-foot spool
  • Connectors: xConnect cables for easy customization
  • Compatibility: Works with any RGB-capable controller
  • Mounting: Integrated hoop for easy fastening, compatible with Tough Clips
  • Warranty: 3-year warranty on all unmodified/unmodified pixel strings


  • High Customizability: Easily customize the look and spacing of your lights without complex wiring or splicing.
  • Bright and Efficient: Enhanced brightness with low power consumption, allowing for extensive displays without overloading your power supply.
  • Flexible Control: Change colors and patterns effortlessly through your RGB controller, and adjust brightness as needed for any situation.
  • Durable and Reliable: High-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, backed by a 3-year warranty.

Transform your holiday lighting with the EVO Traditional C9 from Mattos Designs, offering unparalleled customization, brightness, and ease of use for a truly spectacular display.