Maker Mount™ 5 Pack - PRE-ORDER 2024 P2-

Ships July 6, 2022

Mattos Design's MakerMounts are designed to provide an easy and reliable way to mount your props to most surfaces. The MakerMount system is a 3/4" round mounting adapter which fits securely in any and all MakerPipe Connectors.  This adapter features an 8mm threaded hole for attaching your prop, or use the new Mattos Designs Push Mount to quickly attach, remove, or quick-swap your props.  

The MakerMounts are designed for installations where you may want to build a base or larger mounting structure using MakerPipe pieces for securing larger props.  Perfect for mounting snowflakes on angled surfaces such as rooftops, or anywhere a sturdier base may be required. Designed to work with Coroplast props up to 10mm thick. Stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance for permanent installations.

Comes in a pack of 5

Flange Connector in picture is sold separately.