PhoenixRay RF Bracelets

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Currently open for pre-order, deliveries for the PhoenixRay RF Bracelets Starter Set are anticipated in late May of 2024.

The PhoenixRay RF Bracelets 500 PACK (Zone 1) are equipped with a DMX Bracelet Transmitter, allowing for synchronization to your light show. These bracelets feature 2 LED lights that can display a variety of colors on the RGB Spectrum. With an adjustable wristband, they are designed to fit most wrists and are a popular choice for events such as fundraising and charity. For optimal use, it is recommended to sequence them similar to a flood light rather than using fast color changes or strobes, as this may result in slight delays. Additionally, these bracelets are made with ABS Shell material and contain 2 RGB LED lights. The battery life can last 5-8 hours and the product is certified by CE, RoHS, CPSIA, and ASTMF963.