Pole Clamp for ASAP Pole



The Mattos Design ASAP Pole Clamp is designed to fit over the 2" rigid conduit main pole.  This clamp is used to secure your hoop bars between the main pole and the MegaTree Hoop.  This will perfectly center your MegaTree Hoop, ensuring equal lengths and distance for your MegaTree mounting strips. 

  • Option to come powder coated black


 Simply slide the ASAP Pole Clamp over your 2" rigid conduit main pole.  To make your hoop bars, which will attach your MegaTree Hoop to the Pole Clamp, measure the distance between your center bracket and the hoop seam.  Cut two pieces of EMT or any other metal tubing to the required length.  Use a hammer or press to flatten the ends, then drill a hole for a 5/16" bolt through the flattened ends.  Then simply bolt the hoop bars to the Pole Clamp and your MegaTree Hoop.