12V Spectra Sphere - 2 pack

Ships April 30, 2024


This product is now open for pre-orders and is scheduled to be delivered in 3 to 4 weeks after ordering.

The 12V Spectra Sphere is a great addition to any light show.

The diffused "sphere" takes the light and creates a mesmerizing glow - with each pixel base containing multiple LED's, but only being treated as a single pixel - these will glow bright in your show.

With its durable stake, you can easily mix and match any of the three sizes  ( 12", 14" and 16") for different effects.

These spheres are strong, and will hold up to just about anything - while we feel that someone could "punt" one of them - it won't crack or break in that process.  That said, train the future NFL stars with a proper football and leave the spheres alone - but they will hold up to a lot of abuse.

These spheres come with an IP68 Rating, WS2811 Protocol, a 1M input lead pigtail, xConnect / EasyPlug Pigtails, CE, RoHs, and FCC Certification, and 0.323 mm sq black wire. Drawing only 2.88w per Sphere multiples can easily be hooked together or added between other props (arch, sphere, arch sphere, arch as one example)  Installation is easy - just attach the rubber seal insert the plate into the sphere and tighten 6 screws.

These are sold in pairs, and are fairly light - but fairly large so we highly suggest to take advantage of our free shipping over 200$ program.  The $$ you save by tacking on a few things you will probably need anyway will be significant.

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