ChromaFlakes 78" Ice Princess with layered Accents


Color Flake
Color Accents

Name: 78" ChromaFlakes Ice Princess with layered Accents


ChromaFlakes are our take on a classic decorating item the Snowflake. This is a next level Chromaflake, here you can add color with the accent pieces or do two colored flakes. The Flake consists of 6 pieces and then there are 6 accent pieces.

**Includes Pixel Path™ on the back for easy node installation** Model included in Xlights


  • 996 nodes
  • Designed specifically for 12mm BULLETS ONLY
  • Available in colors, you can choose color of flake and choose color of accent pieces.
  • Made from heavy duty 10mm coro
  • Each ChromaFlake is approximately 78" in diameter
  • 100% American Made from Design, and Fabrication


Lay the base flake pieces out, then lay your accent piece lining up the zip tie holes on one side of the flake piece to the other side of the next flake piece and zip tie those together preferably with matching colored zip ties. Then just go around doing the same thing to each one all the way around.