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Square eyelets 12mm for pixel strip 50pc

The Mattos Designs 12mm Eyelets for Pixels Strips are specifically designed to support and reinforce the top and bottom ends of your MegaTree pixel mounting strips.  These Eyelets help strengthen the connection from the pixel strip to the Topper or Base Hoop.  We recommend using the Mattos Designs Carabiners as an easy and secure way to attach your pixel strips.

To use, simply insert the Square 12mm Eyelet into the pixel strip at the desired location.  Place the eyelet back against the Base of the "Smasher" Eyelet Tool on a solid surface.  Insert the Smasher Tool into the top of the eyelet and strike with a mallet until the taper reaches the base, securing the Eyelet onto the strip.  We recommend doing this on the ground or a protected surface, to avoid damaging any worktop surfaces.

Note:  These eyelets were specifically designed for Boscoyo Strip, but will work with any manufacturers 12mm pixel strip.  Some strips may require you to run a drill bit through by hand to better fit the eyelet. 

Comes in a pack of 50.


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