The C6 Super Silent Snow Cube offers super quiet operation and superior snow output. Honorable Mention for Best Debuting Product: Special Effects at LDI 2019!

The C6 Super Silent Snow Cube is perfect for larger spaces that need a silent snow effect. Ideal for theater, dance, and productions that don't need a vacuum cleaner running in the background. The C6 can cover up to 430 sq ft when mounted about 16 feet and 320 sq ft when placed at ground level. Totally adjustable output allows for you to control the flow of the fluid and speed of the blower allowing for a multitude of flake sizes from one machine. The C-6 is a professional class machine with small and lightweight footprint, which makes hanging and transportation easier than other machines in its class. The unit allows for DMX 2 channel control with onboard timer functions and wireless control included.


The C6 quieter than the competition!  Registering at only 62dB from 30 feet at full power.  That means the C6 is no louder than your dishwasher!  This makes it virtually impossible to hear from any audience.


With a spray distance of 430 feet when mounted above 16 ft and will cover any standard size stage with ease.  The C6 is the top machine for silent snow production for theater, film, television and live performances.


Unlike so many other machines in the same price range, the C6 offers you full control of flake size and blower speed.  Whether small realistic flakes or large blizzard you can do that!  


The Included Hanging Bracket allows you to hang the C6 just about anywhere.  Need more angle?  You can easily adjust the bracket to hit the spot you need.


By far one of the most impressive features is the multitude of ways to control your C6 Silent Snow Cube.  The Machine includes 2 channel DMX, a wireless key fob remote, digital controls and timer set on the backlit display.  You have ultimate control, never miss a cue again!

The C6 Silent Snow Cube comes with our 2-year warranty.

Get more production, control, and peace of mind with Froggy's Fog Machines.


Length: 20 In. 
Width: 14.4 in.
Height: 12.4 in.
Net Weight: 35 Lbs. Gross: 40 Lbs.

Fluid consumption (Max Output): 63 ml/min
Maximum operating time, maximum output: 15 min
Ready time: Instant
Continuous output: Yes

Control and Programming
Control options: DMX, LCD Menu, Wireless on/off Remote
Control parameters: Continuous or timer-controlled output
Snow: Variable output control, 0-100%
DMX channels: 2
External fluid control: Fluid sensing
DMX compliance: ANSI E1.11 - USITT DMX512-A
RDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20 RDM

Housing: Steel and aluminum
Color: Black

Fluid pump: Dual oscillating piston, high pressure
Fluid reservoir: 5L drop-in reservoir 
Remote Control: Wireless On/Off
Hanging bracket: Integrated yoke with safety attachment point

Mounting: Standing or hanging
Orientation: Up to +/-40° from horizontal

AC Power: IP65 Rated Seetronic Powerkon 
DMX, link mode in/out: 3 and 5-pin locking XLR
Remote control: 3-pin locking XLR

US Model:AC power: 120 V, 60 Hz
Main fuse: 8A, 250 V
IP Rated Power Connections and Switch
Typical power and current: 550 W @ 100%

*Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.:

Included Items
Fluid reservoir, 5L Tank
Power input cable, US, 6 ft, IP65 Rated Seetronic Powerkon Power Cable

Approved fluids*:
Froggy's Flakes Long Lasting
Froggy's Flakes Ultra Dry
Froggy's Flakes Dry
Froggy's Flakes Extra Dry
Blue UV Blacklight Reactive Snow Juice Fluid
Gold UV Blacklight Reactive Snow Juice Fluid

Froggy's Flakes Concentrate

*Various sizes available - contact us or see 'Fluids' product pages for details