PhoenixRay RF Bracelets Starter Set

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Currently open for pre-order, deliveries for the PhoenixRay RF Bracelets Starter Set are anticipated in late June of 2024.

The PhoenixRay RF Bracelets Starter set includes one RF Transmitter for RF Products. To control the transmitter, use the DMX output on your controller and set it as the first fixture with an address of 001. For the GF DMX transmitter, the ID code on CH1 should be set to a fixed value of 85 or 33.3%. CH2 can be used for zone or group control and should be set to a value of 0. CH3, CH4, and CH5 control the brightness of Red, Blue, and Green respectively, allowing for full color control within the RGB range. The dimensions of the transmitter are 9.8cm(3.8″)*8.7cm(3.4″)*4cm(1.6″) and it requires a 6V/1A Adapter for power. The transmit frequency is 433.92mhz, which may cause interference with other RF devices. Instructions for use will be provided

This set includes 500 RF Bracelets (Zone 1) that can be synced to your light show through the DMX Bracelet Transmitter. These bracelets contain 2 LED lights and can display a multitude of colors on the RGB Spectrum. They are adjustable and designed to fit most wrists, making them a popular choice for fundraising or charity events. For best results, sequence them like a flood light, as fast color changes or strobes may cause a slight delay. Additional features include 2 RGB LED lights, ABS Shell material, adjustable wristband, and a battery life of 5-8 hours. This product is certified by CE, RoHS, CPSIA, and ASTMF963.