At Mattos Designs we take shipping your items as seriously as we take creating them.

We are constantly working with our marketplace and shipping partners to get the absolute best rates and delivery service for your purchases.

Sometimes, items that seem like they would be economical to ship have surprisingly higher rates than other items - this is due to either dimensional constraints (it's just too big) or special care required for shipping or delivery.

We know these things aren't what you always want to hear, but sometimes we have no other options. Getting your purchases to you damage free is a huge priority to us and we will strive to do that every time.

Even with the white glove service, things can and do go wrong - from items that appear to have been run over by a freight train, to damaged packages and missing items.  If you are the recipient of anything from us that shows any signs of poor handling - do not open the package.  Reach out to us for further direction as we may have to contact the carrier for resolution.  If you do open the package and things aren't right - don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.  Save all packaging in the event the carrier needs to inspect it.

We ship with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many common carrier truck lines.  We are oftentimes evaluating our shipping rates and will change based on pricing and performance.  We are working to offer flat rate shipping where it makes sense but it is possible that a shipping option available today is not available tomorrow.  Rest assured that your best interests are in play and changes are driven by pricing and service.

Pickups are always welcome at our headquarters in San Jose, California - just be sure to reach out ahead of time to insure your item(s) are coming from there and not direct from a manufacturer or one of our distribution partners.

Returns: Shipping defective items back to us is easy.  Reach out to our customer service team, and if applicable they will generate a label and provide direction.  Returning items for any other reason (changed mind, significant other saw the cc bill, whatever) are at the expense of the customer and must be authorized ahead of time.  We wish we could offer the company that starts with the letter "A" type of returns, but we just don't have the clout to pull that one off (maybe next year?).

Shipping to foreign countries: We work to make our products available through retailers around the globe, but we oftentimes end up sending items from our California warehouse abroad (or to Canada and Montanada).  We are at the mercy of the carriers here.  We get advised a rate and whatever import fees, duties or unrelated charges are imposed do not come from us.  We cannot lower the value of a shipment to save you $$ - it's just not cool so don't ask.  If you have a better way to receive your purchases from us, reach out - we will be more than happy to work with you where we can.  Remember boxes, and packing material and the labor to pack up your order isn't free so there are costs associated with every transaction - but we will work to save you as much $$ as we can legally.  

There is no way that this document covers every shipping situation that may arise - so it will be updated from time to time and if your question or concerns aren't covered - reach out to us.  We really aren't scary people (most of us anyhow) - it may take a little bit to get back with you, but we will. Especially nights and weekends/holidays - be patient with us and know that we have your best interests in mind when we pack and ship your order and will help in any way possible but we do need our time away as well to be with our families and watch football and work on our displays.