EzMount PRO™ 10 Pack


Upgrade your holiday decorating game with Mattos Design's EZ Mount PRO™ 10 Pack. These aluminum construction pixels mounting systems will make your life easier when it comes to mounting your holiday props to any surface.

Whether you want to mount your decorations to wood, drywall, PVC or even brick, the EZ Mount system can accommodate a wide variety of screw type fasteners to fit your desired mounting surface.

The unique design of the EZ Mounts provides the perfect clearance for your prop's pixels and wiring. It is specially designed to work with Coroplast props up to 10mm thick.

The EZ Mount PRO™ 10 Pack is designed to work perfectly with MakerPipe Connectors, making your job even easier. When it's time to take down your decorations, the new screw off design ensures that there are no unsightly protrusions remaining.

Now, you can mount all your Coroplast props with ease. This pack comes with 10 mounts, so you can decorate to your heart's content. Upgrade to EZ Mount PRO™ for a reliable and easy-to-use holiday decorating solution.