The Kraken Structural System


The Kraken Structural system is our revolutionary pixel mounting system.  With 2" spaced 12mm holes, the Kraken structural can hold bullet or EVO pixels with ease.  EVO's will sit 100% within the track, while bullets WILL extend out the back side a little.

Constructed of a PVC material (the same material used for replacement windows), the Kraken structural is designed to look good for the long term.  It is extruded IN COLOR, so it is white through and through.  It is easily cut on a chop or a table saw, and can be cut on the ends or lengthways to create any type of angled cut that you desire.

The back of the Kraken Structural has a slot, and 4040 extrusion nuts (roll in and slide in) can be used with the brackets of your choose to make arches, frames, trim - really anything you can imagine.  Since the material is PVC based, HIGH TEMP hot glue will hold it together fairly securely (we don't suggest using hot glue for high stress applications) as long as both surfaces are scuffed to allow the adhesive to bite.  You can also put a drop of hot glue behind each installed pixel to keep it in place from those mischievous visitors that like to touch everything.

With a plastic protective film installed, each 1 meter long (20 pixels per stick) piece of Kraken structural will be ready to look its best for you - for many seasons to come.  If using very long runs, the common pixel connectors WILL NOT fit in the Kraken system - you will have to put a small notch to allow the connectors to be outside of the trim.

We have created compound shapes, 3 wide "crown style" moldings window frames, verticals, and arches from the Kraken Structural - we cannot wait to hear and see what you will create with it.  

Each kit comes with 30 3' sticks giving you 90' of Kraken to go wild with.  remember when you are making frames etc, to plan your pixel spacing and layouts - you will waste some material on the cuts keeping the spacing even on all sides.

What are you waiting for, go release your Kraken!