Mattos Designs 1200 Lbs 50' Hand Winch


Winch Hardware Kit (Type)

The Mattos Designs 1200 Lb. capacity hand winch is easy-to-mount and ideal for most MegaTree applications. This lifting winch features steel towing cable and a positive locking ratchet pawl brake to keep a consistent and firm hold on your MegaTree Topper. Simply turn the crank clockwise to raise your MegaTree, or counterclockwise to lower it.  The positive locking ratchet pawl brake will ensure that you can release the handle at any point and your MegaTree will stop at that point.  You can easily mount the Mattos Designs Hand Winch to your 2"x2" Main Pole using the included hardware kit at any height you choose.  

Other MegaTree solutions require you to use a ladder or fully lower the pole to the ground, but this unique system allows you to raise and lower your MegaTree topper to any height.  This makes the Sasquatch MegaTree the most flexible system available.  Want a 12' tree for Halloween, but a 20' tree for Christmas?  Simply raise or lower the Topper using your winch to the desired height and secure your strips to your MegaTree hoop.  Need to make adjustments?  Simply lower the winch, make your fixes, and crank the winch back up for quick pixel fixes!

  • Mounting hardware for Sasquatch Main Pole included
  • Portable, easy-to-mount manually operated winch
  • Positive locking ratchet pawl brake
  • Smooth-operating hardened steel gears
  • Now with 50 ft. aircraft grade wire rope
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1200 Lbs.
  • Black