RGB Trim™ Landscape Pathway Lights


The RGB Trim Pathway light is constructed of durable black powder coated aluminum.  The lens/shade is removable, and the light can be shortened by disconnecting the cable in the shaft and removing a section.  The RGB WW led is 24 volt and produces all of the vibrant colors expected from a pixel based fixture with the benefit of 3000k warm white as the 4th channel.  The connectors are heavy duty, designed for burial and will weal up well to keep moisture out.  The fixture stands 22 inches tall from the top of the in ground spike to the top of the shade.  The shade is 7 inches wide.  The fixture comes fully assembled except the shade which is simply threaded on.

Configure as RGBW in your controller.  

these fixtures are 24 volt - and can be run from any controller that supports RGBW.  A 5v or 12V controller can be used to run these with the addition of our Dynamic Energy Amplifier (24 volt version).