RGB Trim™ 2.0 Kit

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Pre-order the RGB Trim™ 2.0 Kit now for delivery in July 2024.

Mattos Designs' RGB Trim is a revolutionary LED accent and downlighting technology, expertly crafted to bring a unique personal touch to your living space. Now with a significant 2024 update, this trim is even stronger and longer-lasting. Each piece measures 5' 4" and now with a re-designed mold, providing thicker walls for added durability. With its two-piece design, it can be easily installed temporarily or permanently and is available in both Black and White tracks to complement any home's style. The high-quality LED pucks are outdoor-rated and feature 3 SMD5050 IC2904B RGBW LEDs, capable of producing over 16 million colors while consuming minimal power compared to traditional options. Created thoughtfully by J.R. Mattos, it is the ideal solution for adding brightness and sophistication to your home. The U-Channel can be customized to fit any size and easily attached to your home with screws for effortless enjoyment.



  • 53' ish per box 
  • 16 RGBW LEDs per 5 feet, 4 inches spacing 0.96w per string
  • 10 strands of 16 lights 
  • 160 12V UL Listed Oversized SMD5050 IC2904B LEDS 
  • Made of the Durable Aluminum
  • Easy Installation
  • X-Connect compatible with included adapter
  • Available in Black, White or any color you want. 
  • The track measures 1-5/8"wide x 11/16" high x 5'4" long
  • 2 1ft Extension Cable
  • 2 2 ft Extension Cable
  • 2 1ft Extension Cable
  • 2 1ft Extension Cable
  • 2 Power T Connectors

PRO + 

  • What is Plus? Plus, RGB Trim gets a heavy duty 3-layer of powder coat for a paint job that will never chip. 

Note : If you have to splice the pixels together, the white dash wire is positive, middle is data, and the all black is negative.