ChromaCharacter Pumpkin



Name: ChromaCharacters Pumpkin Faces


The ChromaChromaCharacters Pumpkin Faces are our take on a singing pumpkin for Halloween decorating. there are 4 types of faces cut out of 10mm black coro. These will be slit in the back to fold for shipping. (These are the same models as the previous version that was made out of ABS) You can mount these with a square frame around them.


Each ChromaCharacter is 47" tall, 47" wide. The holes are designed for 12mm bullet style or square nodes. A series of panel mounting holes have been added around the perimeter to attach it to a frame.

P1 has 304 nodes
P2 has 376 nodes
P3 has 306 nodes
P4 has 367 nodes

  • 304-376 nodes per ChromaCharacter Pumkin Face

  • Designed for 12mm bullet

  • Available in Black

  • Made from 10mm Coro

  • Each ChromaCharacter Pumpkin Face is approximately 47" tall and 47" wide

  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


Nothing fancy here, just install 302-376 of your favorite 12mm pixels or dumb nodes.