Medium Arch


Medium Arch - 2 Pieces is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Name: Medium Arch Segments


Coro arch segments that maintain pixel or RGB node spacing while orienting the light towards the audience.


The medium Arch uses two segments of 16 pixel mounting holes at 2.125" centers and is based on a 4' circle. Designed to be mounted to a 1/2" PVC frame for support.

  • 2' tall and 4' wide
  • 2.125" pixel spacing
  • 32 pixel/RGB Nodes per completed arch
  • Made from 4mm fluted plastic (coro)
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication


I designed these to be used with a 1/2" PVC pipe arch, 1/2" EMT or Metallic conduit found in the electrical department, two 1/2" PVC Tee's, and 2ea. 1.25" long self-tapping screws. Cut the 1/2" PVC pipe 6' long, cut the 1/2" EMT metallic conduit 3'-8" long. Glue the Tee’s on the ends of the PVC pipe so that you can still look through the pipe and both of the perpendicular taps of the Tee are going the same direction. Once the glue is dry, I wait overnight; you can insert the 1/2" EMT conduit into the perpendicular hole of the Tee so that the EMT doesn’t block the hole of the PVC. It only sticks in about 5/8" depending on the fitting. Now you can insert a 1.25" long self-tapping screw to secure it. Once that is complete, bend the pipe around and secure the other end of the PVC to the EMT conduit and install a screw while still leaving the PVC pipe unblocked by the EMT. Mark the middle of the arch and place one coro arch segment on each side of the centerline. Using the ziptie holes, secure the segment to the PVC pipe by starting from the top and working your way down to the base. The coro can be manipulated to match your arc if you start from the top. Now you can install your pixels or RGB nodes. I use 3/8" rebar or smooth bar and install a 18" long piece into the ground and slide the PVC end over them for support in the yard. This is only one way to use the Arch segments and you can do it many other ways. Understand that the coro arch segment has no structural strength and will not hold PVC pipe in a curved shape.

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