MegaTree™ Tilt-up for Base Buried


The Sasquatch Megatree tilt-up kit is designed to make deploying your Sasquatch tree even easier.  Available in 3 different kits, there is a solution to make installation safer and easier no matter what your installation requires.  All components are constructed of durable powder coated steel, and all hardware is plated to prevent corrosion.

The tilt up only kit allows you to mount your existing Sasquatch stand alone base directly onto the hinged surface.  This variation is the most economical way to add tilting deployment to your permanent tree base.  The Sasquatch Megatree tilt up hardware is inserted into your permanent hole, and the mast can be installed in a horizontal position - allowing the user to "stand up" the pole, and secure with the included nuts.  This version assumes that you already have the Stand Alone base and 2x2 permanent mount (in ground).
The Add to kit with stand alone base, adds the Sasquatch buried mount to the components of the tilt up only kit.  This version is for users that do not currently have the buried base and works with your stand alone base.
The Full kit adds the in stand alone base so you have the tile only kit, the buried base AND the Standalone base for in one kit.  With everything needed except the mast, you will be able to deploy your Megatree easily and safely.