Pixel Stake 12" with Toppers



Name: Peace Family Pixel Stake 12" with Toppers

The Boscoyo Design of a the Peace Family Pixel Stake is an innovative way to make a Pixel Stake based on Tikva Peace's design. The slim profile allows the pixel stake to disappear as it is only 10mm wide. The Boscoyo Peace Family Pixel Stake requires a 8" or 10" galvanized landscape spike that can be bought in bulk at Home Depot, Lowe's, and many other big box hardware stores. The landscape spike secures the pixel stake to the ground by going through the flute of the coro and into the soil. The Nodes are installed horizontally to maximize viewing angle. ZipTie Holes are provide to secure the node if needed but normally the friction is enough to secure them.

The Boscoyo Peace Family Pixel Stake with Toppers is made with the 12" 5 node stake available in Black or White 10mm coro made to attach different toppers. Depending on toppers the node count changes.

  • The 5 node 1.5" spacing measures: 12" tall (Total is 5 node stake plus topper)
    • Bulb has 20 nodes
    • Tree has 19 nodes
    • Whimsical has 20 nodes
    • Star 1 has 20 nodes
    • Star 2 has 6 nodes
    • Star 3 has 5 nodes
    • Circle 1 has 9 nodes
    • Circle 2 has 20 nodes
    • Skull has 20 nodes (for this one only you will zip tie two bullet nodes vertical for the eyes, see additional picture)
    • Jolly Roger has 20 nodes
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in White or Black 10mm coro
  • 100% American Made from Material, Design, and Fabrication