Power Injection T’s 5 Pack



 Pre-orders are now open for the Power Injection T's 5 Pack, and deliveries are estimated to arrive in July 2024.

The Power Injection T's 5 Pack includes 3 pin xConnect connections on both ends, suitable for standard 3 core extensions. Each T has 1 female and 2 male ends, providing bidirectional power. The MINI 3-3-3 T's are similar, while the MINI 3-2-3 T's have a 3 pin xConnect connection on one end and a 2 core xConnect male connector on the injection side. 3-2-3 NO POWER PASSTHROUGH T'S have the same setup as standard 3-2-3 T's, except for the positive pin being disconnected on the pixel input side (male end). This is required whenever power injecting from a different source than the power supply before the T. The screw cap on these T's is white, making it easy to distinguish them as "no power passthrough" T's.