The Kraken Flex System

Ships April 30, 2024


The Kraken Flex system is the latest innovation in RGB holiday lighting.

The Kraken Flex strands are 2" spaced WS-2811 RGB pixels - in an 8mm ball shape for 360 degree illumination.  12 volt - xConnect - with an integrated 1/16" stainless steel aircraft cable with cinched ends.  This construction maintains pixel spacing as the pixels will not slide on the aircraft cable.  The aircraft cable cinched ends can be connected to your megatree topper and base hoop directly (WITHOUT PIXEL STRIP).  Offering a ready to install - super clean look to your holiday display.

Due to the manufacturing methods employed, these are ONLY available with 2" spacing.  Standard lengths are 25 pixels, 50 pixels, 75 pixels and 100 pixels - Custom pixel counts ARE available by special order and have a 20-16 week lead time.

Look at the pictures and see just how clean your display will look - no strip to cut and buy, no strip that will twist with temperature changes, and your storage requirements are reduced greatly.  Priced by the strand with input and output pigtails on each.

The cables can be attached to any surface and there will be no stresses placed on the pixels or the wiring.  Easy for tunnels or overhead swag installations - garage matrix builds - roof matrix builds - the possibilities are endless.

The constant current design and waterproof construction insures long life, and if something should go wrong, our standard 2 year warranty applies.  These are repairable, however the process will not allow the new pixel to attach to the cable, so it will have to be zip tied into position. 

Release YOUR Kraken and take your display to new heights.