Dragon™ Controller Receiver Enhancer™


The Dragon Controller Receiver Enhancer is a simple device designed to turn your smart or dumb receiver into a stand-alone light controller. Simple plug a pixel tester (We recommend the Mattos Dragon Pixel Tester, but any tester with an xConnect output will do) into the input and connect the output to your receiver. Now ALL of your receiver outputs will be synchronized with the Pixel Tester modes and built-in patterns. It couldn’t be easier.

The Receiver Enhancer comes equipped with an xConnect input and an RJ45 (standard network connector) output which will connect to your receiver.  This product works with any smart or dumb receiver.  Whether you want to test multiple props simultaneously, set up a static display with the testers built-in patterns, or simply want a quick way to get your show up and running, the Dragon Controller Receiver Enhancer is the perfect addition to your toolkit.