Pixel 2 Motor™


No external configuration is needed, this board is PLUG & PLAY!



The Pixel2Motor Controller board is designed to allow you to control a single DC Motor from a WS2811 pixel line. The board can be run on its own controller channel, or can be placed "in line" in a pixel string, as it will output WS2811 data as well. The board itself is powered by the 12V in your existing pixel wiring, but does require an external power supply to provide the power to your motor (5V-30V). This device is water resistant and does not require an external enclosure. Available with xConnect connectors. Includes 1 Male and 1 Female Mattos DC Connector.

Board Specifications:

  • Board Type: Pixel2Motor
  • Input Pixel Type: Any WS2811 Pixel
  • Input Pixel Voltages: 12V only
  • Output Data Type: WS2811
  • 1 Pixel Consumption
  • Uses Red channel to control Motor
  • DC Voltage 5V - 30V
  • 1 DC Mattos Plug Input
  • 1 DC Mattos Plug Output

*U.S. Patent Pending*