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Mattos Designs Gel Filled Connectors 200 Pak

UR-Gel Filled Connectors from Mattos Designs use an insulation displacement contact design for fast, simple, and reliable terminations.  The UR Connector can accept any two or three wire combinations of 18-26 AWG with a maximum insulation OD (Outer Diameter) or 1.67mm.  These connectors are gel filled to provide moisture resistance and inhibit corrosion.  This eliminates cutting of cable pairs or opening cable pairs.  These connectors are designed specifically for pixels by Mattos Designs and are suitable for pigtail, pixel replacement and power injection applications. 

To use, simply insert the wires you would like to connect (IE 2 or 3 ground wires, power wires, OR data wires) into the connector, and squeeze the button down using pliers.  There is no need to strip the insulation on your wire.  Gel will be displaced to cover and seal any open ports and connections.

  • 200 Pack
  • Accepts 2 or 3 wires 18-26 AWG
  • Gel filled to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Excellent for pixel replacement and power injection
*U.S. Patent Pending*

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