Spiker Power Balance™ 5 pack



Customers can now pre-order the Spiker Power Balance™ 5 pack, with deliveries slated for July 2024.

Have you connected a new prop and found that the lights at the beginning are bright and clear, but towards the end they get dim?  Not sure about power injection, or worried about harming your equipment?   The new Spiker T Power Balance cable was designed just for you and takes the hassle out of power balancing.

The Spiker T Power Balance Cable features 2 male xConnect plugs and 1 female xConnect plug, high quality 18AWG wiring, and the peace of mind of waterproof molded ends.  Simply connect the short cable with a male xConnect plug to an output on your controller and connect your RGB LED string to the female xConnect plug.  Then connect the other male xConnect plug (found at the end of the 24" or 36" cable) to the output end of your RGB LED strings.  

Your data will be sent along the prop as normal, while power and ground will be sent from both the beginning and end of your RGB LED strings, allowing the power to balance between both ends.  These can be used with both 5V and 12V pixels.  

  • xConnect/ EasyPlug3 or Ray Wu/13.5mm
  • UV Rated Black Flat 3 Wire
  • 18 AWG Black Wire
  • Available in 24" or 36" lengths

About Molded Cables:

Molded cables are created through a specialized process that allows for maximum protection of important parts. The connectors are attached to the cable and are subsequently placed into a mold. Next, the mold is closed and the plastic is injected into the cavity that surrounds the cable terminal or connector interface, providing a sealed connector. This process creates quality molded cables designed to stand the test of time.