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Twinkly Pro - 6 Port Ethernet Controller

Works with Xlights 
  • Brand: Twinkly Pro™
  • Generation II
  • iOS Compatible. Not currently compatible with Android Devices

Twinkly Pro - 6 Port Ethernet Controller

    • Brand: Twinkly Pro™
    • Grade: Commercial, suitable for Professional & Residential use
    • Connector Type: Coaxial
    • Max bulbs per 6 Port Controller: 1500 RGB bulbs or 1250 RGBW bulbs (port 6 not currently usable)
    • Max Grouped Capacity via App without Cloud Access: 15,000 bulbs by grouping multiple controllers via the app
    • Wireless Control System: Via 3rd party Wi-Fi router, Network Switch and Ethernet cables. (NOT INCLUDED)
    • Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly Pro app interface via Apple smart phones and Apple iPads. Not currently compatible with Android Devices.
    • Voltage: 110/120
    • Grouping: Unable to group RGB Home and RGB Pro together. Unable to group RGB and RGBW lights together.  
    • UL Rated: IP 65, for indoor or outdoor use