3D Prop and Motor Accessories



Mattos Designs carries a variety of Prop and Motor Accessories for a variety of applications. These 3D printed accessories are made using PETG and were developed and designed by Butch Napier (except as noted)!

Motor L Bracket

The L Mount Motor Bracket allows the motor to be mounted vertically, or for use in tighter spaces where the motor cannot be mounted normally.

Motor Surface Mount

The Motor Surface Mount provides a flat, secure base to ensure your Prop Motor sits parallel to your mounting surface.

Small Cam

Small Replacement Cam gives your motor a smaller, more subtle range of motion.

Medium Cam

Medium Replacement Cam gives your motor a moderate base range of motion.

Large Cam

Large Replacement Cam gives your motor a more exaggerated, long range of motion.

Spinner  (Designed by Tim Biggs) 

About PETG:

PETG, or glycolized polyester, is a thermoplastic combining both the simplicity of PLA 3D printing and the strength of ABS. PETG is typically used in models that need good shock resistance or some flexibility, like snap-to-fit components. PETG is water-, chemical- and fatigue-resistant. It is also more durable than PLA as well as less stiff. Most importantly, PETG is one of the most UV-resistant filament types available. This ensures tht the mechanical properties of PETG won't be affected by ultraviolet rays even after years of exposure.