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Sasquatch MegaTree

Sasquatch Mount™ Pre-Order 2023.P3

Sasquatch Mount™ Pre-Order 2023.P3

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Pre-Order 2023.P3

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Mattos Design's Sasquatch Mounts are designed to provide an easy and reliable way to mount props or anything you can think of to your Saqsquatch MegaTree Pole.  Want to add a set of pixel wings or a group of snowflakes suspended around your MegaTree?  Want to repurpose your Sasquatch pole to support an 8' Spiderweb or the Mattos Designs 16' MegaFlake from Boscoyo?  Maybe you want to create the world's largest Mega Spiral Tree!  The Sasquatch Mounts have you covered.  If you can dream it, you can make it.

The Sasquatch Mounts are built from high quality steel plate which attaches to your Sasquatch MegaTree pole using the included U-Bolts.  You can then attach 3/4" EMT pipe available at any hardware store to create arms for mounting your props, pixels, or anything you can imagine.  You can also combine this with the MakerPipe connectors to create frames and elaborate support structures all suspended from your Sasquatch pole.  By using EMT, you can also easily add bends or curves to position your mounting exactly where you want it. 

This kit includes 2 - 2" U-Bolts Each.  Additional U-Bolts are available for purchase for mounting EMT and props HERE.

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