AnchorEase™ Water Weights

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AnchorEase™ offers the ideal solution for those with limited access to sand. Constructed with durable PVC fabric, these waterproof and resilient bags have a screw cap lid to block any leakage or small holes. When empty, the bags conveniently collapse into a minimum size, taking up less area than a single sandbag. AnchorEase™ is a great way to protect lighting stands from wind or dropped objects, as well as securing MegaTrees and other seasonal decor. The product is backed by a 1-year guarantee. Weights: Small 7 lbs., Medium 13 lbs., Large 26 lbs. Equipped with straps, these heavy bags can be easily attached to structures to hold them in place. They also function effectively without the straps, saving you money and time. AnchorEase™ deflates into a portable, small size. Simply dump the water out, and you’ll be on your way. No mess and no hassle!