Mattos Designs

PRE-BUY Sasquatch MegaTree Sliding Topper


***PRE-BUY anticipated late spring to mid summer delivery!***

  • The  Sasquatch MegaTree topper is designed to slide up and down a 2x2  Square Tube.
  • Works with the new Sasquatch Carabiners or 1/4 J-Bolts
  • Both 32, 48 and 64 Hole topper can be made into a 180 or 360 MegaTree.
  • 32 11” 48 13” 64 15”
  • Designed to work perfectly with our Original 12mm MegaTree Mounting strips
  •  Quarter-inch thick mild steel 
  •  Guy wire holes 
  •  Star mounting hole
  • Black Powder coat


Disclaimer: Due to inconsistency in tube  O.D. or rust on tube, please verify that: 

  •  The topper slides freely on the tube before you erect you’re a rugged pole.
  •  We would suggest you taking your topper with you when you go to get your tube.